What is EXTOL Business Integrator 3

EXTOL Business IntegratorBusiness Integrator (EBI) gives users a single, middleware platform that enables them to integrate data and applications without coding. EBI is a apply-to-many tool that allows users to build maps, business rules, processes, event triggers, and manage exceptions and alerts.

EBI Studio

The EBI Studio uses Perspectives to separate: building, deploying and monitoring, and synchronizing integration Projects with team members. Each team member installs their own copy of the EBI Studio, and then connects EBI Servers. IN addition to studio/server connectivity, users will implement team synchronizing and versioning service. The EBI Studio runs in its own "sandbox" server for internal testing, and you connect to shared services only when you are ready to interact with them.

The EBI Studio contains an integrated Local Test Server to allow EBI 3 users to develop and test integration projects without being connected to a remote test or production EBI Server.

The Studio enables to separate major tasks such as :
• building integration projects
• localized testing
• synchronizing Projects with team members

EBI Server

The EBI Server is a headless server that executes Projects built in the EBI Studio.

The EBI Server supports multiple simultaneous connections from separate EBI Studio instances and the EXTOL Dashboard allowing multiple connections to be interacting with the EBI 3 Server at the same time.

The Server enables useres to separate major tasks:
• deploying and monitoring integration projects
• auditing and monitoring production jobs