EBI 3 Service Offerings

EXTOL clients will find our services and support models cannot be matched by other consulting firms. While most consulting firms have dedicated 1-2 pages to discuss EXTOL services/support, we have 700+ pages spanning 4 unique websites to showcase the EXTOL product family.

Staffed by former EXTOL employees, The Sean Hoppe Consulting Group brings a unique view to EXTOL projects. While other consulting firms promote their EDI acumen in many different middle-tier solutions, we promote one middle-tier solution, EXTOL.

We work full-time with the EXTOL family of products. Have it be supporting an EXTOL customer in the morning, developing an EXTOL/SAP solution in the afternoon, and then building interfacing EXTOL solutions in the evening, we focus on EXTOL technologies.

In addition to working full-time with EXTOL technology we are fully immersed in the Order-to-Cash Cycle and Procurement Cycle. Quickly understanding customers' business processes/models has allowed us to provide recommendations that allow customers start seeing value in our services from DAY 1.

As an EXTOL Business Partner, we are learning the latest and greatest features, we work hand-in-hand with EXTOL Sales team assisting in pre-sales, we perform beta testing and provide vital feedback to EXTOL Product Managers , and assist with EBI/JDEdwards support.

Service offerings

  • Installing/Set-up of any products in the EXTOL Suite.
  • On-boarding of new Trading Partners
  • Day-to-Day daily issue resolution
  • Evaluate current set-ups to propose/implement improved & best practices
  • Remote training covering training materials
  • One-on-One training on a case-by-case basis

Service/Support Methodology

In addition to assisting EXTOL users with increasing their EBI knowledge, we help organizations with their internal EXTOL support document library.

During support/services tasks, we create support documentation to show users the actual tasks performed. The documents contain the step-by-step processes with great detail and screenshots. These documents might seem simple to some users or mundane. For the 1st time user of EXTOL Business Integrator, they are priceless.

Sample Support/Services Documents: