EXTOL Releases EBI 3.2 Update

EXTOL Releases EBI 3.2 Update :: March 13, 2015

EXTOL Business Integrator EBI Server 3.2 Studio Server Update March 13, 2015

EBI 3.2 has been released and it encompasses:

  • New Data Type:

    the Implied Decimal data type has been added to EBI’s Database syntax. Commonly found in some JD Edwards numeric data columns, this new data type works in conjunction with the Move Numeric Ruleset Action.
  • Text box sizing issue:

    In the Flat File Schema editor, the text box for the delimiter was dynamically sized (based on the value of the delimiter) incorrectly in some cases. This has been corrected.
  • Relaxed validation:

    In the XSD importer, the validation rules were more stringent than W3C XSD requires. In this case, the XSD did not specify a maximum length or fraction digits, but EBI Studio was requiring them.
  • Enhancements to the EBI Project Generator: Several enhancements have been made that allow for the creation of Project, Packages, and objects based on your own naming conventions; the previous version applies more stringent naming conventions when using the Project Generator. These limitations have been removed. Secondly, a previous issue in which an internal build process caused performance issues has been resolved. This should result in a faster completion time.
  • Documentation updates:

    Updates are available in the existing Product Help.
  • Quick Fix:

    With the new Studio/Server dependency, all new Projects will be created with dependency versions. However, any Projects that were created before this dependency existed will not have dependency versions assigned them. As a result, upon a Studio update, these Projects will appear with warnings in the Problems view. This is because these Projects do not have a specific version requirement that is required as part of the Project /Server dependency. A Quick Fix features allows you to “stamp” a Project with some necessary versioning information.

Validation support for the EDIFACT standards D 10B through D 14A.

Here are the most recent EBI Server Updates made: EBI v3.2 Update Release Compilation :: March 13, 2015

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