Post Clarify Project Generator Set-up

Post Clarify/EBI Project Generator Set-up

Background of Project Generator

After running the Clarify/EBI Project Generator take notice of the following set-ups in the EdiEnveloper items.

Below is an example of the Base Edi Enveloper before the project Generator is executed:

Cleo Clarify EXTOL Business Integrator 3 base project outbound edi enveloper values

After Running Project Generator

GS02 and GS03 values

Inbound GS02 and GS03 values will not have been updated. If these values are set-up in a secondary edi enveloper package, they will need to be updated in project's inbound package.

Cleo Clarify EXTOL Business Integrator 3 base project inbound package edi enveloper object

GS08 values

GS08 (Industry ID Code) does not get updated. This value needs to be updated in the project's outbound package.

GS08 values

The delimiters in the ediEnveloper (outbound package) are updated based on the data used in the Project Generator. If the delimiter is non-displayable an Enveloping Error will occur during the outbound wrap process.

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