Seeing is Believing...

Our demonstration mimics a large EXTOL Business Integrator 3 install. We are running two popular sceanrios: Order-To-Cash Cycle and Procurement Cycle.

For each of the scenarios we are actively running 200 translations an hour, 4800 transacions a day, 33,600 transactions a week.

The inbound/oubtbound transactions range between EDI, flatfile, database, spreadsheet and XML. We are communicating via FTP, SFTP, email, and Webservices.

Contact us to see a live demonstration of EBI 3. We can show how we put forth the best practices in any-to-any translation.


EXTOL/JDEdwards Dashboard:

We implement web-interfacing technology and EXTOL webservices to bridge JDEdwards F47 table data with EBI internal application data. With REST webservices we retrieve internal EXTOL message log data when a specific JDE EDOC is specified.

In addition to data retrieval, we show users:

  • How to start/stop internal EBI Business Processes via webservices and PHP programming.
  • Utilize HTML5 contenteditable attribute to allow users to update EDSP field in each of the header tables: F47011 (Purchase Orders), F47026 (PO Acknowledgments), F47046 (Invoices)
  • Retrieve Business Process Script status during web page load to inform EBI end-users of status. For example, when we review EXTOL/JDE invoices, we are informed of the EXTOL Business Process status via REST Webservice.
  • Allow users to enter an invoice or Po Ack EDOC # to requeue respective transaction. This process utilizes EBI’s REST Webservices to have EXTOL perform a SQL update and then return a positive/negative response, based on EBI’s BPS logic.

Click HERE to see: EXTOL/JDEdwards Dashboard

SAP iDoc File Upload/Translation

Using HTML5’s Drag and Drop API, users are able to take an inbound purchase order and upload the EDI data to EBI 3. Once the data has been uploaded via REST Webservices, EBI will translate the x12 inbound 850 and then return the SAP iDoc.

Technologies being used:

  • We use REST Webservices powered by EXTOL Business Integrator 3. What makes this set-up unique, we keep the websession active while the EDI data is translated.
  • In addition to EXTOL functionality, we are using HTML5’s Drag and Drop API to allow users to use a web interfacing tool to interface with EBI 3. End-users will find this process an extreme time-saver.

Click HERE to see: SAP iDoc File Upload/Translation

EBI 3 File Upload/Transfer via Drag and Drop API

There are times when EBI 3 clients are looking for a solution to allow trading partners to upload/transfer data to EBI. We highlight EXTOL's ability to use a REST Webservice Provider . Combining REST Webservices and webfacing technologies we can help expose EBI functionality securely and making it enjoyable for end-users. This is sometimes a better alternative than offering FTP, SFTP, and email.

Our EBI 3 Drag and Drop Dashboard will show users how simple it can be to upload a file to EBI 3. have EXTOL process the file, and return the process ID to confirm processing.

Click HERE to see: EBI 3 File Upload/Transfer